Teach me- Ebay and bonazlae 101

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  1. hi everyone... im an ebay newbie.. sort of..

    ok i have an ebay accoutn and have had one from 06.. but have never sold anything and until recently never bought anything ( i just did for hubby 2 days ago)

    now i want to start selling stuff but am in the middle east so paypal is not verified or whatever so how can i accpet payments and how do i pya ebay fees and how mcu is it? am i better off on ebay or bonazle? i dont know much about either ive never sold on either and im really jsut a lurker or to check out for price verfication mor than anything.. any help would be apprecaited..
  2. fBay has a tutorial for sellers and a section on Selling & Fees that you should probably look into before you list anything. Bonanzle also has instructions, and the people there actually return emails if you have questions. Same with PayPal. If I were you, the first thing I would do is read all of this basic information--if you haven't yet--which will serve as an intro and likely lead to more specific questions.
  3. where is that tutorial? and can i be an ebay seller without having a paypal account>?

  4. This page is helpful to sellers and there is a tutorial at the bottom of the page:

    To sell on ebay you DO have to have a Paypal account, at least that's true for U.S. sellers. I'm not sure about other countries.