teach for america?

  1. has anyone done teach for america? if so, how far did you get in the application process and what kind of lesson did you do in the final interview (if you made it that far)? tia!
  2. help!
  3. I didn't do Teach for America, but I have two friends who did do the program, and I know many who have applied. I know that one of those two did a sign language lesson (another one who did not get in also did a sign language lesson). Its a tough process and can be a very difficult time after the program, depending on where you work, but I've also heard how rewarding it can be. Sorry I'm not much help... If you had something really impt that you needed me to find out, I could try and get an answer from my friends though. Good luck!
  4. ^ same here... i didn't do it, but did consider it when i was an undergrad. i knew a few people who did, but i haven't really kept in touch with them after college. sorry, not much help either...
  5. I thought about taking part in the program, but in the end, decided not to. As another poster has indicated, the experience can be rewarding, but also stressful, depending upon where you teach. If I remember correctly, not many candidates finish the program, which is a large indicator of just how difficult a population with which you will be working .
  6. On a bright note, my sister went through this program, finished with her degree and went to spend 3 more years teaching at the same school she had started at in the program. It was rewarding for her and I think she came out ahead. She truly enjoyed her job, but she was good at it. And I'm not saying that because she's my sister. Other people's experiences weren't the same. Some people quit early on, others had issues with the student population. But my sister is one of the success stories. I forgot what her teaching lesson was that she had to present. I think it had to do with storytelling using flashcards for first graders?:confused1:
  7. Do you have a subject that you want to specialize in? Two of my friends who did it taught Spanish. I could ask them questions for you, if you'd like. I know it was very stressful for them. One went to Maryland, the other to Philadelphia. Both stuck it out until the idea, but I know my friend in Philadelphia had to have a police escort for a while because she busted two kids in her class for selling cracking in class, and they threatened her.
  8. thanks so much for the replies...i'm sort of mulling over my options. i'd love to hear from anyone else!
  9. Did you ever decide to do this? Anyone have any fresh insight?

    I'm getting desperate in this economy.........................
  10. It seems like I know a dozen people that have done this, most have said that it was more or less extremely difficult and extremely rewarding. But I guess most things in life are. I didn't do it myself - I'm not a fan of children - but I think it would be worthwhile if possibly very stressful.
  11. My best friend did TFA in the Mississippi Delta for the full time. He taught high school science. It was tough, especially because he dealt with rural poor children. Many of the students did not make it to graduation. However, the ones that did, invited him to come and cheer them on this past June when they did. He also got an email from one of his students thanking him for being hard on her and pushing her to graduate. She said that he was the only person that ever encouraged her to do well in school. She ended up graduating with a B average. He said that email made everything worth it.