Tea: what kind do you like and how do you take it?

  1. I like most any kind of black tea, and sometimes herbal tea... not a fan of green tea, though.

    How I take my tea depends on the kind of tea (and sometimes my mood, LOL)... generally, I have figured out that I like English Breakfast and Earl Grey with a spoonful of sugar, and Lipton black and most herbal teas with a generous amount of honey instead.

    I don't add milk unless it's English Breakfast, which for some reason I think tastes great with milk.

  2. Green tea, jasmine tea hot and plain.

    Lipton's Iced tea with sugar.

    I like Starbuck's Black Tazo Iced tea with milk in it.
  3. I love plain old tea, Scottish Blend, Tetley, Twinnings English Breakfast if i'm feeling flush! I have it with milk and 1 sugar, sometimes 6 cups a day.
    Yet I cannot drink any other type of tea and I detest coffee, think it's to do with the smell, most other types of tea are fragrant and coffee stinks:tdown:
  4. PG Tips on ice w/honey, nice and cold! Will also drink my parent's Tetley sweet and on ice. Hell I'll drink just about whatever sweet cold tea you put in front of me :biggrin: I drink hot tea on occasion during winter, usually Oolong, but I have to be in a certain cozy-mood for it.
  5. I like chamomile, and fruit flavored (lemon, raspberry, apple, and etc.) herbal tea. I usually drink tea without anything added, except for breakfast tea (e.g. Lipton teabag) I add milk.
    For oriental tea, I enjoy the Japanese green tea.
  6. I like all kinds of tea, and I don't use milk or sugar. My favorite is Hibiscus, which is red and sweet like fruit punch; I love it iced.
  7. I like all kinds of tea and take them different ways, except green tea (hot or blended) from Starbucks (it's so yucky).

    Jasmine tea - just hot and plain
    Green tea - hot and plain, iced and sweetened, blended with milk and honey, iced with honey
    Black tea (English tea) - hot with milk and sugar, hot with lemon and sugar, iced with milk and sugar, iced with lemon and sugar
    Black tea (Chinese tea) - just hot and plain
  8. My list includes

    -Green Tea (like the Tazo Zen, and China Green Tips from Starbucks)

    I drink them plain usually, no milk or sugar, if anything i'll add some honey. I've never had cold tea, I must try that! I'll drink pretty much any tea you put in front of me, but those are my favorites.
  9. love tea!

    hong kong milk tea-cold or hot
    starbuck's black iced tea
    japanese green tea-cold or hot
    toasted rice hot tea
    jasmine hot tea
  10. Hot green tea with honey
  11. Green tea - hot (in the winter); cold (in the summer) :tender:
    Lemon tea with honey & ice :love:
    Thai iced tea (obvious) hehe
    Jasmine Tea - both hot & cold :heart:
    Chrysanthemum Tea (cold - the can one)
    Oolong Tea (hot) - usually in chinese restaurant
    Jasmine milk tea with boba ~bubble tea~ (cold) :p
  12. HK milk tea (hot)
    Rose bud tea (hot)
    HK iced lemon tea
    Green tea (hot)
    Earl Grey (hot)
  13. The only tea for me...Yin Hao Jasmine. It's about $60.00/lb. but sooo worth it. I buy it loose, brew a small pot, (add a little Sweet N Low) and have it while I'm in the tub and watching a movie. Heaven!
  14. green tea and i only drink it hot
  15. Laduree Vanilla tea with nothing added, hot
    Twinings Pear and Apple Green Tea with nothing added, hot
    Normal breakfast tea with milk, hot
    Lipton Peach Ice Tea, cold