Tea Tree Oil

  1. Has saved me! So I came on here about a week ago freaking out because I though I had a cyst ( or an oversized zit) on my face. I went out and bought the QHMJM immediately only to find that it helped with the tiny zits and blackheads but not this monster or of a zit.( It actually made it worse) So I went to the mall yesterday and headed into the Body Shop and was told to try this tea tree oil blemish stick. Well 24 hours later, my zit is half its orignial size and the redness is pretty much gone. It was only $7 and I now swear by this stuff so I thought I would share! It's just really good for blemishes in general as well.
  2. Glad you had good results...like anything I guess people will react differently.

    I had it recommended to me a few years ago...and it made me break out horribly.
  3. i am also a huge fan of tea tree oil - it has been one of the few things that has really worked for me (though i recently started using proactiv and it has been great too). i love the body shop - that's where i get the tea tree oil too! i used to get the blemish stick or whatever it is - tube with a sponge applicator, kind of like lipgloss - but i switched to the little jars. they give a bigger bang for your buck and i like to use a clean finger to apply instead of touching the stick to my face over and over.
  4. I think tea tree oil from the Body Shop works great too. It makes zits shrink in size, especially when you apply it when you first notice it.
  5. Tea tree oil can be used for a variety of things. I've used it to spot treat zits too (works fabulously) I've also used it to treat cuts.
  6. from the body shop, is that pure tea tree oil, or is it just the main ingredient?
  7. I just bought a tea tree oil toner yesterday from Kiehl's, and I have to say it is amazing. I had this huge pimple that was just starting to come out, and I put on the toner over night, and it was just about gone this morning when I woke up. Definitely works miracles!
  8. Tea tree oil is amazing for Poison Ivy as well. My husband got it BAD last year, transfer the oil to me and I got it and TTO is the only thing that helped. Its good stuff. Wholefoods carries alot of TTO products.
  9. I love The Body Shop's Tea Tree line! Paul Mitchell has an entire line of Tea Tree products as well. It's a natural antiseptic and its antifungal. It works great on dry scalp, dandruff, and psoriasis, too.
  10. itsnicole, you may like Kiehl's tea tree oil shampoo as well. I use it as a clarifying shampoo on a weekly basis.
  11. oooh, i'll have to look into this. i've been using lush's tea tree water and i love it.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation! I have tried a few of Kiehl's products (lip balm, facial moisturizer, shaving cream, and now the toner) and have loved them all, so I will definitely be looking into getting this.
  13. I love tea tree oil!! I get the JASON organic from Whole Foods and it always clears my face up and totally got rid of my poison ivy last summer :biggrin:
  14. It is a staple in my bathroom along with Vitamin E Oil and Aquaphor. I mix a couple of drops in lotion for my skin; I also use some drops on my scalp if I am experiencing any drying.
  15. I love tea tree oil when my skin is really bad I buy pure witch hazel and add some tea tree oil really helps kicks cystic zits