Tea Time! for the love of tea china, sterling service and TEA!

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    The Spode: No fine china but it is Spode (Made in England). I purchased the entire set (tea cups and breakfast cups and teapot), plus 4 dinner plates and 4 dessert plates, and a salad bowl (the bowl wasn't MiE) for almost 90% off when the department store discontinued stocking the line.

    I had had my eye on the teapot for 2 years after moving to the area, and hit the jackpot when it was 75% off the already discounted prices.

    Only last week I bought the Tea for One set, which isn't made in England, and was so disappointed with the quality I'm not going there again. Also got a tea strainer, which isn't pictured, but where ever its made I'm glad I found it because non-metal tea strainers are few and far between.
  2. Finally, Wedgwood "Queen's Plain". Not made in England, but the whole set was on super sale from same department store a year before the Spode set. And since I could get the whole thing for half the price of the one Spode teapot at the time, I went with this. There is also a serving tray (?) that isn't pictured which came with it. I understand the sugar sachets is strange when it comes to afternoon tea, but I couldn't find any cubes. Now to find little tongs for the sugar cubes...

    So that's my collection(s)! I have a few sets of cake plates (the coloured dotty ones from Wedgwood), and cake stands that I haven't put on, and I just received a lovely thick linen Anthropologie table cloth, so if I ever dress the table for an afternoon hopefully I'll remember to take a picture! (maybe with some nice flowers in lovely bud vases to freshen things up a bit).
  3. I have a Spode tea set for one I purchased as a gift but bought something else for the receipient instead. I am pleased I didn't give her the set for one because after its first wash it had crazing. I must take pictures of mine to show you.

    I purchase my china from a sweet lady at the flea market and I have been know to barter. I once purchased a tea trio, sugar bowl and milk jug by Duchess in the Stirling pattern for £6.50 which I didn't think was too bad. I might have to purchase the Royal Albert country roses tea trio next time I see her.
  4. Lovely collection! I promise if I win the lottery I will treat everyone to tea and vintage shopping in England!
  5. This is exactly the problem I had! I took it out of the box, washed the cup and teapot for the first time, and noticed hairline cracks in the bottom of the cup where the water was seeping through. I've attached a photo below (bad lighting)- I sent it to the place I bought it from but haven't heard back. In my haste to not add to the rubbish in the house, I had already flattened the boxes and put them in the recylcing outside. Since I wanted to keep the pot, I've just got the unusable cup sitting on top of the fridge holding the bottle opener!

    Thank you! :yahoo: (dancing as if you'd already won the lottery and we are all going china shopping in England)
  6. I hope you get some resolve regarding the Spode. There is definitely a manufacturing fault going on.

    Today I visited Curiously Wicked in Morpeth. I thought I would share their facebook page with you. Oh to have service like this was great https://www.facebook.com/curiouslywicked/photos_stream

    The experience was like Downton Abbey.
  7. I thought I replied to this! As it happens I received an email back from them to send it back and I did. Hopefully I will get a refund but am still quite disappointed it didn't work out :nogood: oh well, at least it's one less thing to clutter the cupboard
  8. I have neglected my thread! No new photos, the only china cup & saucers I have left at not English bone.

    Regardless, I did want to mention that I use loose tea, cream earl grey and green jasmin are my daily favs. Love to hear about everyones' tea preference, if you have any.
  9. My favourite vintage cup. It's from the 1800's so a proper antique...
  10. I have to get my pretty vintage tea cups out of storage from our last move. A cute story I had a garage sale many years ago and was selling some beautiful tea cups and saucers. A big scruffy looking motorcycle man came up and we had a wonderful conversation. He bought one pretty pink tea cup and saucer for his wife. He says when he travels he always tries to pick her up one beautiful cup. I wrapped it really secure for him and he packed it in his motorcycle and drove off. I thought he was so sweet to think of his wife in this way. I bet she had a beautiful collection of china.

    On another note does anyone know of where I can get watermelon tea? I used to by one brand about 15 years ago and can't remember the brand and if it even exists. I have tried two others but they were not as good.
  11. I don't have a full set, but I couldn't resist this when I saw it. I am normally a coffee drinker, but enjoy Earl Grey now and then.

  12. Current favourite tea: organic winter spiced blend. It's tea bags so I can have it at work as well...:smile:
  13. lovely, and I would be so afraid to use it, but Lady Beatrice seems to be doing it right.

    I have not heard watermelon tea before, sounds good.

    I did not know that it is tea bags, is it not preferred to use loose tea at work, or just a bit too messy?
  14. Overall, I prefer the taste of loose tea, these tea bags though are basically filled with loose tea. I will post a photo as they are very good... In the meantime ..
  15. Ooh, I like the pink and gold cup and saucer in this photo, it was a bit harder to see in blog pic. Good to know that it is real loose tea in bags.