Tea Time! for the love of tea china, sterling service and TEA!

  1. As promised, I am starting a thread about TEA, and china, services, all things related. The wonderful Lady Sarah has a great blog, and perhaps she will copy some of her tea thoughts here also. I inherited several bone china cups & saucers from my mom, and developed my appreciation for afternoon tea from her. She was born and raised in Canada, and loved fine bone china, most especially Royal Albert brand.

    I've included a pic of some of my favorite cup and saucers below, and I do hope everyone with tea "accoutrements" will join in with photos and stories. Thanks
  2. Ok, left front pic is Royal Albert, one of the radiance series with purple (my favorite color).
    Left rear pic is Elizabethan brand, anniversary rose series, Shining Through. I am very found of some Elizabethan motifs.

    Center back is my very favorite Royal Albert Lady Hamilton, including a dessert plate. I am actually afraid to use this set, I could not bear anything to happen to it.

    Center front is Royal Albert Moonlight Rose. This pattern is the same as the world famous Old Country Roses, just in a blue color.

    And last (today) is a Royal Albert with no name, heavy gold borders, with pansies (love pansies).
    Tea cups 1.jpg
  3. I love these. My mother had the pansies set, how pretty they all look together! Thanks for starting this thread, I hope to see more :heart:
  4. I love this thread too! I will be definitely taking some pictures over the weekend and contributing. Love ladysarah's set: I saw the w on the underside of the cup and thought 'that's familiar' and my set is very similar!
  5. I am so pleased you started this thread.
  6. Thanks everyone for checking out this thread. Below is a pic of my good tea pot, a gift from mom. It is the famous (or infamous) Old Country Roses in one of it's many styles.
  7. Superb! So glad ypu started this! I am away at the moment, but as soon as I return home will post photos too. Love the tea ritual! And thank you for the cream earl grey suggestion too do you have any favourite biscuits or other goodies to suggest as an accompaniment? X
  8. I love seeing your collection! I have a few special pieces that we my grandma's, she was a true Southern tea gal. Thanks for reminding me how special it is to take time for tea!
  9. Ok I have a few more photos today. Cup & saucer on the left is Royal Albert summer bounty series, color Jade;
    center back is a blue & white made in Russia set w/dessert plate. My mom became obsessed with these in her later years and had several sets.
    Right is a Royal Albert Old Country Roses 25th anniversary set.
    Tea cups 2.jpg
  10. And here is my whimsical teapot from my best gal pal. Kitties and tea and a nursery rhyme about of to London for tea with the Queen! Love it.
    Teapot 2.jpg
  11. Oooooh you have such beautiful tea sets!!!
    I'll have to purchase one from Royal Albert too, they're beautiful :smile:
  12. Thank you. Royal Albert as it used to be is no longer available new, but there are many places to get older, made in England sets. New Royal Albert is Royal Dalton made elsewhere. And they are owned by Wedgwood, I believe.
  13. Royal Albert vintage is definitely better quality than the new they are producing now. I really miss our Made in England china and porcelain. A lot of the manufacturing now takes place in china, although some companies finish the designs in the UK. I like visiting the flea market nearby on a Saturday for my vintage china.
  14. Ah yes, one of my great fantasies is afternoon tea and vintage china shopping in England!
  15. Here you go: Vintage Paragon. Collected from all over. Tea always tastes best in vintage fine bone china.

    I found a couple of them at different antique stores, then wanted a few more so found some more online from Canada (the navy blue-green and gold ones). I wouldn't turn down another one or two but I'm not a collector as such; just wanted some consistency in the vintage tea cups I had. I love the patterns of Paragon; they're a bit different (and I'm a sucker for a Royal Warrant or two when it comes to afternoon tea). That said I wouldn't hesitate to join bags and bijoux and mkpurselover vintage china shopping in England!