Tea Rose Rogue Question

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  1. So, I got my tea rose rogue today and can't decide what to do. It is a beautiful bag but the python part is bothering me a little. Something about that sound when you rub it. Also I have never had a bag with Python on it. What is going to happen to it? Will it peel?
  2. I have a Prada frame bag that's all python, and the sound is pretty typical. The scales will not peel-it will lift, that's all; if that bothers you there are care products that can be used for python.
  3. I returned mine today. The leather is too flimsy to support the flowers and the top row of them started bending when the leather started to droop over.
  4. Same; I returned the moment I received it; nice bag for the right person, just not for me. Seems like I'm more of a saddle person! Really surprised myself with that; usually I like very structured bags, the bigger the better.
  5. What did you decide? I also have the bag, but I love it!!!
  6. I returned it. I know that I would have worried about that Python all the time and wouldn't have carried it much. It was too expensive to just leave it sitting in the box.
  7. I have to ask, what do you mean by "the sound?"
  8. Does wrapping the handles help protect them? If not, any suggestions?
  9. I think the OP meant the rustling sound produced when the scales are rubbing-it's a noise that's typical of snakeskin products...
  10. I scored my tea rose rogue in July and LOVE it. I haven't had any droopy flowers: the bag itself gets a little slouchy when standing on its own, but it's a great, resilient bag. I've worn it nearly every day this summer, despite the fact it's a fall bag! All seasonal, all purpose, lots of different ways to wear it. The only downside is the weight. Otherwise, I'm quite happy with it.