Tea Rose: Rogue or Saddle?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I ordered a python 36 in olive, based on the pictures on the website which shows a mossier green. When it came, it was the same color as the medium Rogue, and on any other bags they have right now. Given that I returned it, and am awaiting my python 36 in saddle, my wandering eyes are looking at other lovelies in the meantime :lol:. So I decided the tea rose is really pretty, and I want to have something like that in my collection, but the question remains: tea rose Rogue or tea rose saddle in black? Which would you pick? Thanks so much in advance!


  2. Rogue!
  3. Wait.....do you have a saddle bag? If not, maybe do the saddle since you already have other rogue bags.
  4. I say go for the Rouge!
  5. Rogue
  6. I have the saddle 35 in the saddle color! The SA was really recommending me to get the tea rose saddle though, she said it'd be really different from the stuff I own.
  7. I'm getting the 36 python Rogue in saddle, and an all black 36 Rogue when it releases. Had my SA put in orders for both of them; should be getting the python soon!
  8. They are both so gorgeous! I love the way they've incorporated python into the flowers on the Rogue. The Saddle bag is very small, I believe, so that would be a consideration for me. The Rogue, on the other hand, could be very heavy but I wouldn't have to downsize. If I could handle the weight and price wasn't a consideration, I would get the Rogue.
  9. These two purses are so gorgeous! :nuts: Love the bloom detailing. I am in love with the Rogue bag in general (would love to get one at some point), and like whateve pointed out, the python detailing is beautifully incorporated. But I've also been on a crossbody/saddle bag spree lately, because I think it is the perfect format for summer walks and activities. :smile: Both are statement pieces, and to me it really depends on your size/shape preference. If you like to carry a lot of stuff, and would like to be able to wear the bag for any occasion, I'd go with the Rogue.
  10. I like the saddle...I like it better than the blue version...it's heavier than I expected though...which might make it impractical for a shoulder bag.

    Good luck with your decision!
  11. i like the saddle more! the colours seem to blend more prettily.
  12. I love the tea rose saddle. That would be my pick....:yes:
  13. I had a rogue and sent it back. The sides are very soft and the weight of the handles made it flop over and bend the first row of flowers. Coach needed stiffer leather to deal with the weight of the flowers and studs. I have arthritis in my shoulders and it was very heavy. I exchanged for the saddle bag and love it.
  14. I got the Rogue and it is absolutely fantastic!!!! Gorgeous bag :smile: