Tea Rose or Color Block Rogue Help me choose!

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  1. I can't decide between the rose applique rogue or the saddle color block 36 with the python handles. Help me pick please. I know both are very limited.

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  2. Or saddle

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  3. Depends on your preferences with size. The tea rose is actually a smaller bag than the 36
  4. Tea Rose! It's beautiful, and I think that it's incredibly versatile despite the flowers. This is actually my first time seeing it, but I am in love with it as it is so unique!
  5. tea rose
  6. Tea Rose.....
  7. Tea rose!!!!!
  8. Disclaimer: I haven't seen either bag in real life. :smile:

    The only drawback I can imagine with the tea roses is that they might catch on things and eventually start to droop. I don't know if that's a realistic worry though!

    As for the python-handled bag, I think it has more of a daytime or business look than the other.

    Both are beautiful. Good luck!
  9. Ditto; cleaning the the tea rose Rogue may be a major pain. I know I'm not so disciplined as to always put bags in their dust covers after use, and brushing things off with all those flowers in the way can be tricky. That and the tea rose, as pretty as it is, feels just a bit too busy with the python handles as well. Currently I'm thinking that the number of flowers are different on both sides, which would also bother me. Pretty bag though for the right person!
  10. Did you keep the Rogue with the rivets?
  11. Tea rose!
  12. Tea Rose looks absolutely gorgeous and special. Hopefully it is not much heavier than the saddle. Have you tried them on?
  13. No stores have the tea rose or the saddle 36 Rogue yet.

  14. If you kept the Rivets rogue, I would get the saddle/python.
  15. I decided not to keep the rivits.
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