Tea Lovers!

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    I love GREEN tea .. I drink at least 3 cups a day! I drink it straight w/ lemon or milk (sometimes w/o sugar) amd I don't like flavored tea.

  2. Flavored teas I drink straight. Lipton Green tea, I have with lemon and maybe a drop of honey.
  3. I drink my tea plain. The more antioxidents I get the happier I am!!!
  4. That Jasmine tea is good I had it over a friends house. I like the Ceylon tea too. It's so good.
  5. i don't have pics, but bigalows mint tea!
  6. I drink a lot of imported tea from Japan. They have the best taste!! Yummm!!

    If the imported ones are not available, then I'll go for the "Numi" brands.
  7. I've always liked Chrysanthemum Tea- the kind with whole flowers. It has a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.
  8. I drink my tea with milk and sugar
  9. I drink my tea plain. I hate additives of any kind and am very picky when it comes to sweet teas.

    The blends I tend to drink are Earl Grey and English Breakfast and I like them pretty strong. I used to drink Green Tea a lot, and even turned my mom onto it, but I don't like it anymore. For the bitter cold days, I drink Irish Breakfast. It's the strongest I have and wakes me up.
  10. I looove Green Tea! I drink it without sugar or milk or anything, just plain, green tea!

    Also, there are some kinds I like when I'm up for something more fruity like this one:
  11. I was not sold on flavored teas but now I'm in love with Lipton "Green Tea Orient". I also tried Lipton "Russian Earl Grey" but I still prefer the green one.
  12. I love green teas too, sencha (the japanese one with toasted puffed rice), blossoming teas, jasmine tea... apricot or berry green teas.

    I drink them plain without sugar, having some right now!

    When I do drink black tea which isn't very often I'll add sugar to it, no milk. Sometimes fresh mint springs go into the tea so it's a moroccan extra sweet black tea. Good when eating cheese and bread or heavy breakfast.
  13. I love green tea!!
  14. I have a giant drawer at my desk dedicated to tea. I always bring at least one tea back when I go on vacation.

    My favorites right now are
    Mariage Frères -- Marco Polo and Sakura
    Fortnum & Mason's -- cranberry tea, strawberry tea, and black currant infusion
    Republic of Tea -- Acerola Cherry Green Tea
    A vanilla fruit tea that I bought in bulk at a market somewhere in Switzerland
    A caramel black tea from a local tea house

    I probably have about 20 varieties in my drawer, I like to mix it up and have different ones all the time.
  15. I just got done drinking Celestial Sleepytime I LOVE IT!!!