Tea drinkers?

  1. I am really getting into tea lately and would love suggestions for some good brands/online tea purveyors. My favorite is the black teas, especially Earl Grey. Right now I am drinkling Twinings since it is available in my local grocery store but I am wondering what else is out there. Loose or in bags, doesn't matter!
  2. Hi there, from the UK here so tea is our thing!!! Yep would def rec. Twinings, they do the BEST teas! Assam is TDF, v nice and has an asian flavour, also they do plain green tea which is great if you are feeling healthy! I dont do loose tea so maybe someone else can help you with that xx
  3. Also from the Uk! I drink around 10 cups of tea a day (I know I shouldnt, I should drink more water!)

    I love Tetleys or Yorkshire Tea (patriotic about Yorkshire!) with two sugars and plenty of milk! My tea either has to be really milky or without milk at all!

    I'm gonna go put the kettle on now, lol!
  4. Orange Pekoe addicted!:smile:
  5. Tea addict here. Have to start each day with 4 cups (mugs) initially. I make 2 at a time, putting a coaster on one, whilst I drink the other. This way, there is another cup all ready to go.

    Yorkshire tea is good and strong and my drug of choice. It reminds me of the tea I had as a child - full of depth, colour and body.

    Tea has to be the right colour before I will drink it and that, I've just realised, is the colour of my Paddy - Muscade!

    Also, milk goes in LAST!!! :cursing:
  6. ^^^^^
    I agree!! Milk has got to go in last!!

    It really really really annoys me when people put milk in with the teabag before the water!!
  7. I drink loose leaf. I guess that's pretty rare here in the US. I order from suki-tea.com
  8. I am addicted to Jasmine Fancy and Earl Grey w/ Bergamot from Pete's!!
  9. I started tea since I was a baby (mom is a tea only drinker)... guess its my culture.

    My recent addiction is "White Tea" and they are better for you then Green tea.

    Black Tea has 40% caffeine, Green Tea 20% and White Tea is only 15%. To top it off, White tea have more natural anti-oxidants then even green teas.
    And they have natural anti-fungal properties (Great for your skin!)!

    White teas are quite a bit more expensive but it is worth every penny spent!!! Its in the taste... so delicious!

    White tea is the champagne of all teas... gotto check it out!
  10. Mmmm...drinking some black tea right now! And...it's 1:56 in the morning....lol...no wonder I can never sleep!!!! But I am addicted!!!! I drink so much tea!!!! Is black tea any good for you? I mean other than the antioxidants? Just wondering...
  11. i don't drink that much tea but i do like it. my favourites are earl grey, rosehip, peppermint, aveda :lol: and this finnish black tea blend called "keisarin morsian" (the emperor's bride). i'd like to try white tea though.

    and no milk. ever :yucky:
  12. loose tea and tea bag tea taste totaly different.
    i love yorkshire tea too, its nice and strong.
    i also like flavoured black tea. strawberry and blackberry are nice when your feeling sick, its my grown up version of hot ribena
  13. My favorite tea in the world is from Murchie's. They are a company in Canada. The url below takes you directly to their "shop for tea" page.


    My favorite is Rideau Hall. It is like English Breakfast without the acidity and with a fuller body.

    I have loved drinking tea for years. When I travel, I always look for a high tea to enjoy. (They are usually at 4- and 5-star hotels.)

    On one trip to Victoria, BC, Canada, I went to the famous Empress Hotel, which was then a Canadian Pacific hotel (like the ones in Banff and Quebec). They had the best black tea I had tasted in my life. I asked where they got it.

    Turns out Murchies makes the tea and it is Rideau Hall. It is one of the ones you can order at the website I listed above.

    By the way, Fairmont now owns the Empress. They still have high tea but the black tea they serve isn't quite as good as Murchie's Rideau Hall.

    Have fun exploring tea!
  14. i think twinnings makes pretty good tea.

    i love tazo awake, chai, lotus and zen..... MMmmmm

    I love teas from The Republic of Tea as well! they have really nice mixes and full tea leaves.

    other than that i just get regular twinnings english bfast and earl gray.