TDF Tricolor - Does anyone know if this combination is still available?

  1. And more importantly what exact colors they are...:love:

    I know, I know... whatever happened to taking it slow:p but I'm an absolute s*cker for anything earth tone. And think that I can totally pull of this type of bag. Plus, I'm starting to imagine worse case scenario (i.e. if my SOs get rejected, etc...) LOL - yes, that's my excuse...:graucho: :angel:

    P.S. Is it a 35cm? TIA...
    TDF tri-color.jpg
  2. I love that bag. Hope it's still available! There's a nice clear picture of that Kellyy somewhere in the reference thread. I'd post it for you, but I can't remember where I saw it. I'm sorry!
  3. HL - you could SO that, for sure!
  4. I think this is your bag

    I found it under the Hermes Informative Catalog thread in the ref. section. It looks to me like gold box on the side, noisette box maybe on the front, and rouge H box on the flap? But I'm just guessing.
  5. I love the one that one of the members here has - it looks like different shades of grey together - SO damn chic!
  6. I've seen this combination lately, last month, 23 feb in the Shinjuku Isetan store, Tokyo. Was it a Birkin35 or was it a HAC32? Did not care much because it was my last day of visit and there's not much money left other than for scarves and perfume!
  7. Sakara has a beautiful tricolour kelly too... Somewhere in the reference thread.
  8. Gorgeous combination indeed!
  9. Ok ladies, first we need to agree on the colors of this bag. Based an earlier thread:
    It's either (a) chocolate/gold/havanne or (b) noisette/gold/rouge h... But I think it's definitely box. C'mon girls, help. I can't walk into H w/ this Becks photo.
  10. it looks more chocolate than noisette to me... but i am not good with colors.

    oooh greys would be fantastic!
  11. It's definitely chocolate/gold/havanne. I couldn't think of the name before.
  12. It looks like a) to me on my monitor !
  13. HL - that is a gorgeous bag! SFO had this bag last month. am not sure if it's still available. it's a 35 retourne kelly tri-color with PH. it's very pretty!
    kelly 35cm[1]..jpg
  14. I think Hermes does Tricolor in standard combinations...unless its a special order..

    Pazt: here's my tricolor HAC in the same combination as the kelly you saw

  15. arch - that is gorgeous! is it togo, clemence or fjord leather?