TDF Prada boots! But I got drivers instead...

  1. I tried these on today and WOW


    They are incredible and I feel like I have mile long legs! I didn't get them, sadly, a little too steep for right now, but I highly recommend checking them out!

    I ended up getting these drivers instead:
    The picture does NOT do them justice. They feel like slippers and look amazing! This is a good thing because I have wide feet and need something comfortable that also looks fabulous. Plus, I am a sucker for driving shoes for some reason :supacool: .
  2. OOoohhh. I LOVE the boots. They are gorgeous!!!
  3. I used the word "orgasmic" outloud with the SA. Thankfully she was not offended and she burst out laughing. As far as anyone else in earshot of me, oh well :lol: .
  4. I have the same or very similar flats in red patent and wore them today - congrats!
  5. are those boots the same as these pumps from last year? i looove them..
  6. They sure look the same! They are fantastic and also come in a wonderful deep brown as well as black...and in a midcalf height too!!
  7. ooh i might have to check out the midcalf height.. my legs don't agree with full length boots :shame:
  8. Oooh, shoes, red patent sounds tdf! Can you post pix?
  9. Sure! Here they are:

    prada flats 002.jpg
  10. ^^ thanks, shoes! Those are gorgeous.
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