Tdf! Have U Seen This New Bag?

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What do you think of the LV Linda Scarf?

  1. I love it, must have it!

  2. I love it, might get it

  3. Love to look at it

  4. Like it

  5. maybe

  6. probably not

  7. NO! This bag is FUG-LEY!

  8. Interested- would have to see price!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. that's the bag from the new LV print ads..its in vogue this month
  2. There's a wallet, pouchettes too.
  3. I love to look at it.. but wouldn't want to buy it..
  4. Sac Fermoir is nicer ~ :biggrin:
  5. I like it, but I dont think I could ever pull it off
  6. hmm...not too impressed.
  7. Eh, not my thing :shame:
  8. Its a very pretty bag but not practical for me.
  9. i love the handles and if I had a disposable income, I would definitely get it. For now, I'll just stare at it
  10. Not for me.
  11. The Linda Scarf is a bit expensive for me, I think it's $5,000. :weird:

    I love the Charm line though and I'm waiting for my SA to call me when they get the Pochette in Fuchsia.
  12. I'm really not an LV (or logoed) person at all, but the first time I spotted that bag in Elle (or Haper's Bazaar) magazine a couple of months back, I fell in love instantly and scrambled to find out who it's by and how much it costs (well, it wasn't an LV ad, rather a model holding the bag in a fashion spread....and in the back of the magazine it said LV, call for price). Later I found out it's $5000.....way above my limit so I can only dream for now. But if any of you lucky ladies here manage to get that bag, please please post pictures....I'd love to see what it looks like IRL!
  13. It's nice to look at...but I don't think it's very practical for me!
  14. iono.. but i LOVE the cles that's available in it though!!