TDF BLACK DAY for 695US (inc US shipping) @ Jill's Consignment

  1. If this was dark brown, she woulda been mine... :graucho: :crybaby:

    Snap her up ladies! The leather looks scrumptious! :love:

    Jill's Consignment - Online Boutique
  2. congrats! looks like she is yours after all!!
  3. I just bought it!
  4. OMG DONNA! yay! i saw one of these on a girl the other day and it looked sooooo elegant!
  5. I know! I use my black City ALL the time, and I was just telling my buddy nanaz last night that I wanted another black bag...ya should have seen me running thru the house to get my credit card....that alone was a sight to behold!:amazed: I just hope its nice in person. Now that my friends was an IMPULSE buy!
  6. Congrats, Donna, I'm sure you're going to love it! The Day style is so great!
  7. Great buy! I just noticed they dropped the price by $200 from yesterday! It was listed as $895 for a few days...what an awesome price!
  8. What a deal! Congrats Donna :drool:
  9. oh congrats - oh donna! What a great coincidence that you just happened to be saying you wanted another black bag! Great steal!
  10. Your quick Donna, congrats post picks for us, please I'd love to see it!!
  11. Congrats on that impulse buy, Donna!!

    Pics please? :yes:
  12. Congrats Donna!!! Ok so we need a family pic now.