TD Canada Trust of USD payment from Canada for auction?

  1. Someone is wanting to send payment with a money order from [FONT=arial,sans-serif]TD Canada Trust of USD for an eBay auction and I'm in the US and I don't know anything about it. Is this ok? What is this company like? I told them that I'll only accept Western Union and US Postal Money Orders and that's it. What do you guys think? Thanks!
  2. TD is one of the major banks in Canada. You should be fine accepting this.
  3. If for any reason that she sends me a fake bank money order, I'm scared of receiving a charge from my bank for depositing a counterfeit money order. Does this happen a lot? I know many money orders are counterfeited :sad:
  4. If she's sending you a bank check you can call the bank and verify funds before you deposit it. If it's a money order, there should be a phone# you can call to verify it's legit. After you deposit it, you can then call your bank to make sure it has cleared the Federal Reserve. It usually takes a few days to totally clear, although your bank may make the funds available sooner. I would just let the buyer know that you won't ship the item until you receive confirmation from your bank that the check/M.O. has cleared.
  5. This is usually with independent issuers, I believe. I have yet to hear of a TD Canada trust money order faked. There should be no problems with this.