TCO925 Authentic??

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    hey - i don't know if this has been posted - please let me know if i repeated a post? but i'm wondering if this site is authentic? it's for tiffany's items on sale???
  2. Sorry, but it screams fake to me.
  3. That site is NOT authentic. The only authentic Tiffany website is
  4. Yes, don't think about buying new retail tiffanys anywhere besides that site is definately fake.
  5. you know what i always find laughable/appaling?

    in the FAQs these sites always say "authentic merchandise" but never say "authentic Tiffany & Co (tm)" sooo... the only thing they're guaranteeing you is that the stuff exists. i wonder if it's even real sterling or if it's plated?

    either way, the only way you can buy REAL Tiffany & Co merchandise is brand new from the boutiques or the official tiffany website (in which case you will always pay full price, they never do sales)... or if you find authentic USED jewelry from a reputable reseller.
  6. there's actually a thread at the top of this Forum to authenticate jewelry or websites. Please post there, thanks!
Thread Status:
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