*::*::*::*TBQ: Okay... That ban lasted for a day! I am so W-E-A-K *::*::*::*

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  1. Okay... I am a weak woman!! Thanks to you enablers here I could not resist going to the boutique yesterday!!! :nuts: And, yes I walked out of there with something!!!! :graucho:

    Any guesses???


    Yes, the box is WAY to big for an SLG!!

    Say "hello" to my newest Speedy in the Towne print!!


    Could not resist adding something green to the collection!!

    I even picked up a long strap for the K Speedy 30 collection. Trust me, very handy when out and about and collecting shopping parcels here and there!!


    And here is a group shot of the Kusama Speedy family! (Sorry, I wasn't up to dragging the other items out for the extended family shot...:nogood:)


    I think the Kusama madness can be put to rest soon... Stock is seriously depleating over here...

    Can't promise that I'll hold this ban... though I'm trying to be strong!!!! LOL!! :giggles:

    Thanks for coming by!

    TBQ :queen:
  2. You NEED a blue speedy! It's the hardest one to get, you MUST get it :smile:
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    You also need to add Neverfull and cosmetic pouch in your collection lol
    Congrats TBQ!
  4. beautiful!!! congrats!
  5. TBQ, you have no self control! :lol: They're all so beautiful, congrats!
  6. gorgeous ....
    Big Congrats for you...
  7. Aww you made my morning ! Stunning collection .. Sorry for enabling again .. Hehehe ..
  8. great collection of Kusama pieces! enjoy;)
  9. Big congrats.
  10. Amazing!! Congrats on your ever-growing Kusama family! :graucho:
    You will rock these Speedies!!
  11. Congrats on those beautiful bags! I too am so weak for LV---cannot resist their bags or their shoes!
  12. Its amazing purchase!!! U r so lucky!
  13. i knew you would not last one week :giggles:! but that's okay.... i live off your reveals!!!!:graucho:!! every thing you have is fabby!!! i can't imagine what your closet looks like!!!!:biggrin:
  14. TBQ, I guess I know what you mean by enablers. Haha.

  15. Yeah, me too! Congrats!