.*.*.*.TBQ: I swear I just went in for heat stamping!! But, OH MY!! .*.*.*.

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  1. :biggrin: Hello! Yes, me again!! You probably remember my purchases last week when the Kusama line finally came out here in Japan... Well, I forgot to get my purchases stamped while I was there, and decided to take the stuff in today to get it done...

    The stamping came out pretty good... here's a pic... :graucho:


    Looks like my idea about the different key fob colors adding splashes of color will really work out well... Here's a pic of one on my Emp. Luminese PM...


    But... of course I had plenty of time to talk with SAs in different boutiques while I waited to have the Kusama items stamped... and I got talked into getting a little something from 2 places... :lol:

    Any guesses???

    Okay, if you guessed one was LV... Of course you're correct!!!

    Here's what today's haul reaped...


    So, the LV item...


    Yes, I finally got convinced that if I didn't get one I would have felt like I missed the boat!!

    So, welcome my own Kusama Speedy in yellow!!:P


    Thanks so much for checking out my latest addition to the collection!! Now, I REALLY have to be good until at least December!!! :nuts: Well, I guess I'm going out with a big bang!!!:giggles:

    (If you'd like to check out the "orange" package purchases, head on over to the Hermes thread and see the post I'm making there... did not want to mix up the 2 and get too wordy!! :biggrin:)

    Thank you!! :queen:
  2. Thank You for making my morning ! Stunning ! Hopefully I'll get one too .. I'll look at yours in the meantime .. Xoxoxox.

    Ps..did you get anything yet ?
  3. wow congrats! :biggrin:
  4. Gorgeous heat stamps and gorgeous speedy.....heading over to Hermes now to the other pretty.

  5. Hello, Tasha!!! :hugs:Glad you're thinking about getting one, too! Looking forward to the reveal!!!

    No... so far I've received nothing, yet... maybe the boat is slow:graucho:

    Have an excellent week!!!
  6. Aww... Thank you Chupadeluxe!!:hugs: Always a treat to have you stop by!!

    LOL! :hugs:Thank you so much!! Hope you like the other reveal, too!
  7. :lol: I knew you wouldn't be able to resist a Speedy when you went for the heatstamping!! Congrats TBQ!! :hugs:
  8. Somehow I'm not surprised ;)

    I can't really blame you. I have the same one, and it's a tough bag to resist.

    The hot stamping looks great too. I've never seen it with the larger typeface.
  9. what did u get from HHHHHH??
  10. TBQ, went over to Hermes, absolutely love the scarf! Coming back to LV, LVoe the Kusama Speedy! I like your reveals, but if I have to wait until Christmas, so be it! Congrats on the recent, last purchases for a while!

    Just in your last thread, I was enabling, but this most recent reveal has me thinking twice! It's good to put oneself on a ban from time-to-time.
  11. i'm so glad you didn't end up going to Banned Island!!! (but.... maybe you should :lol::lol:!!!!) you must have the biggest LV collection!!!! every time i see your name in one of the threads i smile and say to myself...."here she goes again!!!":lol::lol:
  12. wow, I really like the large font, very nice. The bag is beautiful.
    you really are a marathon shopper, congrats, makes me smile
  13. May I say I love watching your multiple reveals!!! :smile:
  14. Love the yellow!! Congrats!
  15. Beautiful! I love the yellow!!