*:*::*:*TBQ - I got around my ban & look what I found!!*:*::*:*

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  1. Hello there my fellow tPFers!! As some of you may recall I put myself on a ban a "little" while back... But, I got around that ban with a little logic!! :graucho: Yes, I used "logic" to add to the collection!!;) My ban included a promise that I would not go into the "boutiques" to get tempted to buy more for a while... (Actually walked past the LV boutique that I usually go to the other day... Even saw my favorite SA in the shop, but did not enter!!! Boy, was that tough!!:sweatdrop:)

    My ban promise did not include "consignment shops" so I talked myself into going in for a look! Come and see what I found!!!

    Here they are all boxed up!


    Yes, 2 items came home with me...
    1st up this one!


    Yes, a White Kusama Speedy 30!! Now I have the White, Red, Yellow, and Green!! And, the best part is that I was able to get this baby brand new at 15,000 yen less than retail! I know... I am crazy!!! :cray:

    And, 2nd...


    Welcome my "like new" Aquarelle (Watercolor) Speedy 30!! She is in spotless condition inside and out!! There are just a couple of tiny spots on the vanchetta... I swear the previous owner must have never used her!!

    I had never bought one for myself in 2008, although I have helped others to add one to their collections... We'll see if I hang onto her or not... I was on the fence 4 years ago and am still there!! :lolots: (Mods, no solicitation intended!!!)

    And, here are the 2 cousins together getting ready to join the family!! :biggrin:


    Thanks for letting me share! I've rewritten my "ban" to now include consignment shops, as well as boutiques!! :lol:

  2. Omg ! I am so jealous of you, so pretty ! Love the price too :biggrin:
  3. You found those two bags at a consignment shop??? :faint: Congrats!
  4. The Kusama was @ a consignment store?
  5. Omg BFF! U are really the bag queen of TPF :biggrin: now u are only short of the blue kusama speedy to complete ur kusama collection! I'm not complaining about u adding on to the collection. I'm The Official Nanny afterall :hbeat:

    U won't regret the watercolour speedy and it definitely looks pristine. I must start taking stock of the collection ... Lol ~ too many for me to remember ~~
  6. Aww... thank you!! Believe me, I'm really happy about the price, too!!
  7. Yep, sitting there in a consignment shop waiting for me!!
  8. Yes, you can find various Kusama pieces here at consignment shops!! Lucky us!!
  9. LOL!! Yes, I think that the collection has grown to require extra large closet space!!

    Gotta do some more cleaning!!!

  10. Omg that's amazing!! I didn't think you'd find the kusama or a watercolor speedy at a consignment shop!! I wish the consignment shops near me would get such great pieces
  11. Congratulations!!
  12. There is no stopping you TBQ!! :lol:

    Congrats on your latest additions - all the pre-loved Kusama speedys I see are double the price of new, not less!! But you can sniff out a bargain! :graucho:

    W/C speedy is a beautiful addition to your amazing collection!

    Enjoy your new beauties and I can't wait for your next reveals!!! :P
  13. That WC Speedy is TDF! It's my HG! Lucky you!!!!! Congrats on finding both of them beauties!
  14. Nice finds!
  15. Both are gorgeous! Congrats on your awesome finds:smile: