:::::TBQ: Does LV Corporate do this normally?::::::

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  1. Hello!:biggrin: Got a surprise when I went to my mailbox yesterday...


    :Partyhat:Received this birthday greeting from LV Japan...



    Am happy that they remembered me on my special day...:nuts:

    Does this normally happen with other LV corporate offices/CEOs in other countries? This is the first time that I've received greetings from the Japanese CEO on a birthday... I had no idea that they even had my birthday date in their records!!!:huh: (Huh... do they know my age too????)

    Anyway thanks for stopping in for a look!

  2. I do get things in the mail from LV from time to time, but no birthday card. Happy birthday TBQ!!
  3. Of course they send this if you have shares /stocks in their company.. Remember you are the Queen they remember special people ..
    How can I not know my BFF birthday ?...when is your special BDay ? I know it's in September
  4. Happppppppy Birthday Shelly , :smooch::hbeat::drinkup:
  5. LOL!! Thanks so much Tasha!!:hugs: My B'day is today (in Japan, tomorrow in the US)... I was born on September 21st!! :biggrin:
  6. Happy birthday Queeny! lol that is one special gift!!!
  7. Aww... Thank you Peachylv!! :hugs:
  8. Mahalos Bruddah Ken!:hugs: Wassup on da Mainland??? :graucho:
  9. Happy LV birthday! Enjoy!
  10. You're welcome!:biggrin:
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Ste good! COuntin down da days to Oahu! 29! haha hope you have a wonderful day and tomorrow! celebrate for two time zones ah!
  13. Aww... Thank you GoldengirlNY!!! :hugs:

    Thank you so much Rose!!! :hugs:

    LOL!! Going back home!!! Lucky you!!! Enjoy the food!!! (;)I finally lost the weight I gained when I went back in Aug.!!! Hot yoga really works!:lol:)
  14. Aww... Thank you Tasha!!! :lol: Too bad we don't live closer!!! We could paint the town red!!! :drinkup::drinks::party:
  15. Ohhhhhh How delightful to receive that in the mail and Happy Birthday!