~*~*~TBQ: A Reveal of DS's First LV!!~*~*~

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  1. :nuts: Hello! I am still holding to my ban!!! This gift to DS was pre-paid, so did not cost me a penny today!!! :graucho:

    My love of all things LV has apparently rubbed off on my DS!! :love: And, today he received his very first Louis Vuitton piece!!! :giggles:

    We went out to lunch today because DS had a school holiday, and stopped by my favorite boutique because I had an inquiry to make... But, lo and behold, this had come in from France!!! :biggrin:


    Any guesses????

    Okay, another hint...


    Something Mon Mono...


    Guessed it yet???

    Yes, a Mon Mono Passport Cover!!!



    My DS chose all the colors himself, and he did it in a record 5 minutes!!! Yes, he looked at the available colors, chose his preference, decided dot/or no dot, type of line/or no line, and picked the lining color in FIVE minutes!! He is one decisive shopper!!! :amazed: It was THE fastest shopping outing at the boutique that I have ever had!!!

    The amazing thing is that the Cover was completed in less than a month! I guess we beat the Holiday rush!! :P DS is estatic and chomping at the bit to put his new item to use!! Ah... Where shall we go???

    Thanks so much for letting me share the beginning of another generation's LoVe!!:hugs:

  2. Your DS has great taste .. good colour choice ... you could always come to visit Australia;)
  3. Record decision making alright! Congrats!
  4. +1:smile:
  5. Ha ha ... you have a lot of friends in Australia TBQ :biggrin: We could have a big get-together if you come and visit us!!

    Congrats to your son ~ he has great taste like his mum!!
  6. congrat sista
  7. Congrats!!
  8. nice! congrats!
  9. Very nice indeed! Congrats to your son!
  10. wow bff! I'm gonna be good friends with your son as well. I'll usually take forever to decide on my purchases and he can decide in just 5mins?!!

    it's lovely btw.. totally unique and i bet thrre will be more to come :hbeat:
  11. It's a great piece
    Congrats to your son :smile:
  12. very nice,congrats!!
  13. Congratulations to your DS!!!
    Hoping to see more reveals too...
  14. Aww... Thank you!! :hugs:Yes, visiting Australia sounds great!! I haven't been in years!! :biggrin:

    LOL! Yes, he definitley knows what he likes!! :lol:

    Aww... Australia sounds lovely... :sunshine:
  15. Aww... You're too sweet!!:hugs: I'm going to have to put Australia on my places to visit list to see all you wondrful tPFers Down Under!!!:tender:

    Mahalos, sistah!!! :hugs:

    Thank you!!! :hbeat: