TB tarnishing hardware?

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  1. I purchased a York wristlet from Tradesy about two months ago. Already, the gold hardware is tarnishing. It almost looks as if the gold shine is peeling off on the logo and the clasp where the wrist strap attaches. Further, the little pin/screw on the clasp that allows it to rotate is loose. I have a York tote and the hardware is shiny and has worn perfectly fine, no peeling or tarnish at all. Is this a common defect? Or did I buy a fake? The hardware is stamped the same and shaped the same as the York tote I have, which came directly from TB.
  2. Try taking it in to a Tory store if you can and show it to them. I have a York tote and its fine, all my other TB bags are fine no tarnishing at all. I do know that there were a lot of fake York's out there. Doesn't Tradesy guarantee authentic items? maybe contact them.
  3. I've never experienced tarnishing but I'd take it in for repair. I'd also have it authenticated to ensure it isn't fake.