TB Revas- too trendy?

  1. hey ladies, just wanted your input on the Reva flats.
    Do you think these are just a trend of the moment or a classic?
    I'm debating buying a pair or putting the money towards a pair of Gucci heels I've been eyeing :love:
  2. Think it depends where you live. In Toronto, Holts is only now expanding its collection - Revas are nowhere to be seen. In some place, eg. NYC, the attitude is: "They're sooo over".

    I think they are cute, comfy. I LOVE mine - have the leopard, waiting to get the silver glitter, ordering the equestrian orange.
  3. I also love mine, but I think they're more of a trendy item.
  4. hm... to me they are yesterday's news. i now have 3 pairs after getting rid of a couple but i still wear them all the time cuz they are so comfy and goes with everything. they are still so popular at the dept stores but they are very readily available now.
  5. They are most definitely over here in NYC...unless you are twelve.
  6. Depends on where you are. On the UES in NYC they're still worn, but then I find NYC to generally be a super trendy place where people are quick to move through trends. Where I am (in DC) I've only seen like 2 pairs and get constant compliments on mine. Then again Nine West is now carrying knockoffs...
  7. :nuts: Really?

    I thought so, but wasn't sure...Thanks!

    I don't think the trend has made it to the midwest, yet.
  8. I agree - I've seen so few pairs of ACTUAL TBs that I still wear mine. I think that despite the "medallion", the shoe is still a ballet flat and for me, ballet flats are always in. I think you should get them if you REALLY love them, and don't worry about it being a "trend". Wear what you like and makes you happy.
  9. I totally agree with SuLi! Haha, we're some of the few owners of actual TB flats in DC!
  10. There is just so much Tory everywhere on the UES in NY and in the Hamptons...we are all getting sick of it. If you already have the shoes I would certainly still wear them...maybe they will garner classic status one day. If you are just buying ballet flats...safest to go for Chanel or Lanvin I think. And yes, the knock offs are everywhere.
  11. ITA :yes: I have a gold pair and wear them a lot, regardless of whether they're "trendy" or "over". I get tons of compliments on them!