TB Calista Riding Boot - *Mod Pics*

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  1. Here are pics of the Calista Riding boot...and I just came back from the barn so yes I'm actually wearing riding pants :roflmfao: but thought it would be a good time to take pics of the Calistas because I just took pics of my real riding boots for the Animalicious thread.


    TB Calistas by eurasiangirl2012, on Flickr

    IMG_1902 by eurasiangirl2012, on Flickr

    Closer shot
    Closer shot by eurasiangirl2012, on Flickr

    Logo detail
    Emblem Detail by eurasiangirl2012, on Flickr

    Interior detail
    Interior by eurasiangirl2012, on Flickr

    Definitely a lovely pair of boots, I feel like the foot runs true to size (I'm an 8.5 and I wear an 8.5 in these boots) but the calf was a little tight at the widest part of my calf at first - though it's gradually stretched a bit. I've heard some people can't even zip them up over their calves, so definitely try to try them out at a store if you're unsure of the calf sizing. I'm built pretty athletically in the calf area so my circumference is around 14 inches which isn't small by any means, but I can zip them up and like I said, they've stretched a bit so they're fine now. The leather is also a bit shinier than other leather boots I've had. Anyways, they're great so far and I get tons of compliments when I wear them! :heart:
  2. Fantastic boots. I am jealous. I legs are thick that it is hard for me to find boots that fit.
  3. Gorgeous! I just got a pair today. They fit TTS 7.5, and had no probs fitting them over my calf, but I have chicken legs lol. I love how you have your riding pants on with them, I almost want to wear mine to the barn because they look so similar to my Ariat's haha. Do you find them a bit tight around your ankle? Not a huge problem, I'm sure they'll stretch a little. Congrats on an amazing pair of boots!
  4. I love them!! I was looking at them online the other day but I'm trying to find a boot with a more pebbled texture so I can be rough on them without worrying

    How delicate is the leather on this one?

    Also thanks for the tip on the calves because I have larger calves so these may not work out anyway:P
  5. Love them! Enjoy!
  6. BEAUTIFUL boots!!!!
  7. Hey so I don't really have a problem with them around the ankle, really only the calf opening and with the sides of the boot rubbing my pinkie toes. Although at this point, they've stretched out comfortably so I can zip them up with ease and the rubbing is basically gone, so I'm betting that if you wear them enough then the tightness around the ankle should subside.
  8. The leather seems to be pretty durable - i feel like the shininess of the boot is in part due to some sort of coating which may add to the durability. The leather is stiffer than most other leather boots I've had which, again, may add to its durability. As far as I know, since I've gotten them and worn them I haven't gotten any scratches on the leather (and I don't baby them but I'm also not rough with them either...)

    Now that I've had them for a while, the calf part has stretched enough so I can zipper them comfortably, the time it takes just depends on how often you wear them, so if they're a tad tight they still may work for you (although if it's any tighter than that they probably won't stretch out THAT much and/or you will break the zipper) HTH!
  9. Gorgeous boots! I want them!
  10. They are gorgeous!