Tazarac (Extra-strength Retin-A)

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  1. So, I'm always on the beauty forum b*tching about my problem skin. I've been waiting for my new health insurance to kick in, and then planned to see a dermatologist to get an Rx for acne.

    This weekend, however, I stayed overnight with my best friend from college, and this morning she gave me a small tube of Tazarac. She has *phenomenal* skin, and has been using the stuff about about 2 years. (She just got a fresh tube, so she gave me her old one to try.)

    Anyone used this product before? She warned me that you have to be extremely sparing in the application, or you risk flaking... but I swear I have so much oil on my face that I could power a Toyota Prius!

    Good reviews? Bad reviews? Please share... :yes:
  2. I am using steiva-a forte, also tretinoin. It is 1mg/g or o.1% in strength. Although I combine this with a vanishing cream base, obagi. You should be very careful in applying this product, because it can make your skin super sensitive and sometimes burn. If you do use this, just stay out of the sun or use sunblock because your skin will be sensitive. If your problem is oily skin, why not use oil control cream? La Mer, awake or clarins.
  3. my son used it when he was 16 -worked well.
  4. Is this prescription only? Is it one of these that can only be prescribed by a dermatologist?

    Let us know how you get on :yes:
  5. I use it and get a lot of compliments on my skin. Anyway, there are 5 things to know about this product:

    1. It takes a few weeks to work. It clears out the pores in your skin so for the first 2-4 weeks be prepared to break out. Once you get past this, your skin will stay clear with regular use.

    2. The proper amount is about the size of a pea. I just dot it over various parts of my faces and spread it. You can use it once a day or every other day - the key is to do it regualrly so you don't have to go through the break out phase again. It doesn't help to apply it several times per day and it will dry your skin out. Also use only at night and wash your face in the morning.

    3. It can potentially be drying and can cause red patches and flakey skin. If this happens wear a moisturizer over it and cut back to every other day. If you get red, flakey patches of skin don't use until your skin corrects itself.

    4. It makes your skin more sensitive to sunburn so make you you always wear sunscreen (the spf in moisturizers is OK). If you are going to be out for a while (i.e., beach, pool) wear a hat. I have medium olive skin and I can burn in 20 minutes with SPF 15.

    5. Don't use it if you are pregnant. It can can cause serious birth defects.

    Also, there's no difference between Tazarac and Retin A. Usually insurance companies cover one brand but not the other.

    Feel free to let me know if you have any specific questions I didn't answer.
  6. It is perscription only but any doctor can perscribe it. I usually just ask my family doctor or internal medicin doctor for it. You don't have to go to a derm but they may have other ideas to try. I wouldn't recommend it for all people because it does have some side affects.

    I forgot to mention it is great for wrinkles too.
  7. rx only
  8. ZoeyZoo ~ thanks so much for the info! I plan to give it a whirl and see if it makes a significant difference in my skin. If it does, I'll just ask my dad (a physician) for an Rx, and save myself a special doctor's visit.
  9. When I used this the only problem I had was when I got my eyebrows waxed... NEVER ever had a problem with skin being sensitive, and I've been going to this woman for years and we figured out it was because of the meds that my skin pulled off a little bit. But that was the only issue I had with it. If you get your eyebrows waxed just stop a week before and its been fine since I've done that.
  10. I have a dermatolist appt. tomorrow and I'm going to see about getting an Rx for this. I'd never heard of it, but maybe it will help.

    My skin is so much better than it used to be, but if I can get it even nicer looking, that would be great!