taylor swifts boxy monogram bag info

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  1. In a few new magazines, taylor swift has a boxy monogram bag, feet on the bottom, black on top, it looks to be about 12 inches wide maybe... any idea what this is? Price ? is it new, I would assume? It is not on their website. It is so cute, and I hope some one knows, thanks!
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  2. It's likely the Cruiser.
  3. I looked, it's not that. It has black leather around the top, 2 short top handles, there might be a long strap, I don't see one, but it looks like there is hardware to attach one. It has feet for sure, they show clearly. Thank you though ! Any more ideas any one?
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    You are describing exactly the new Cruiser handbag (not the piece of luggage with the same name obviously), which is not yet released. Here is a picture of it with the reversed mono trim:
    Here is the picture from the ad campaign:
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  5. I soo love this bag!
    Does anyone have an idea of the release date? Price?
  6. Rumor has it at $3550
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  7. Thanks. Can't wait to see it when it hits the stores :smile:
  8. It's beautiful. I can't wait to see it in person.
  9. I was curious so i googled her lol if its this one it looks different from the cruiser.
  10. In what way? Looks the same to me.
  11. That's a cruiser.
  12. I meant to say.. it *doesnt look different from the cruiser.
    Youre right
  13. Replied to the wrong post lol youre right
  14. I think that is a version of it, in the pic hers had black leather trim, it looked great
  15. Great, some one has posted it in celebs and LV thread, not the pic I had, she's using it a lot, I get that!