Taylor Swift

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  1. Is anyone else out there who is as huge of a Taylor Swift fan as I am? I recently discovered her (a little late, I know!) when I found out that she was the one who sang the "Teardrops On My Guitar" song. I started searching for her music on YouTube, and I love a good majority of her songs. Plus, I am super impressed that she plays her guitar and writes or co-writes her music. I just listened to her new song "White Horse" to death, and it is amazing--she performed in on the AMA last night. She does not have the vocal range of Mariah Carey or the stage presence of Britney Spears, but she is still pretty awesome and holds her own.

    Anyone else?
  2. I think she's really classy and super-cute. But vocally, not the best. I think she's gotten this far because she writes her own songs and has a lot of appeal to teens.
  3. I love Taylor. I think she has a very pretty voice and she's an amazing songwriter. I got her new CD the week it came out and I can't stop listening to it. White Horse is a gorgeous song, she sang it with such emotion at the AMAs, she almost started to cry when she was still sitting down, I felt so bad for her.
  4. Where did she come from? Waas she from like X-factor or something?
  5. if its country i definitely don't want to hear it. i have no idea where this chick came out of all of a sudden :shrugs:
  6. I love her. Her songs are really good. =)
  7. I love her too! She writes her own music and thats really impressive for a teenager!
  8. I think she's really talented. I love that she writes her own music too.
  9. OMG, I could not stop watching her White Horse performance from the AMA. The song was so pretty. The one thing I really like about her when she does her performances is she does not experiment and try a different sound or something with her songs. She sticks with the way the song should sound like. Everyone said she was starting to cry during her AMA performance, but I could not see it. I did not see it live on TV, but I did catch it many, many, many times on YouTube.
  10. I do not think she is very country. I am definitely more of a Britney-Spears-Christina-Aguilera-Backstreet-Boys type of girl *hides in shame*, and I love her music. I have only YouTube-d the songs she did release as singles, and they are fantastic.

    For more information about her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taylor_Swift
  11. I was thinking of starting a Taylor thread a couple of days ago! I really like her. I'm absolutely in love with her first album. I haven't had a chance to listen to her newest cd properly yet, but I love what I've heard so far!

    I've been watching some of her myspace videos too, she is so funny! & seems really geniunune & sweet!

    PS. I'm a total Christina, BSB, Britney girl too! :P
  12. count me in. regardless of anything else, her music is great. she IS very real. she writes her own songs, they all mean something to her, she plays guitar live. she's just great.

  13. I agree! She's not like, down home, deep south country! She's more mainstream. I'm definitely a Britney kinda girl too!
  14. I'm not the only one who saw it! yeah, during her performance, she sounded like she was on the verge of tears...
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