Taylor Reveal! Mixed Emotions

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should i keep it?

  1. keep it

  2. exchange it for a different color

  3. exchange it for a different bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm not sure if I'm really loving the bag... It was an impulsive purchase from NAP. I also liked the gray version even though it seem a bit boring... I'm not sure if I want to keep this bag... since its not very versatile. What do you girls think?

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  2. I bought one in deer! Currently hidden from OH :lol::lol::lol:
    I will wear mine on sunny day with cotton/linen dresses and wedges. Maybe if you got another colour......it will change your opinion on it!
    I have seen that hue irl and as much as I like green, I prefer the others.
    Sorry if my post did not make any sense! I am typing on my iphone
  3. I also find that if it is not first love....it will never be loved!
  4. I think the bag suits you quite well! When I saw one irl, I wasnt too keen but it's growing on me! Green is a loud colour.. It will get noticed for sure!
  5. Dont let anyones negative opinions on this style put you off- they are all just personal opinions- if you loved it when you bought it what has changed? are you just being swayed by some negativity on here or are you unsure yourself? if its not instant love I dont think it will grow- so have a really good think -try her with outfits and all your stuff in and decide if you want to change it or not- its too expensive for you to be unsure
  6. LIke Elvis said, only you will know if its a keeper or not. I think you carry her well but if you are not sure about the colour but like the model maybe try grey? I really liked the look of the grey taylor, but the green really is a nice pop of colour. FOr that price you really have to be sure to love the bag. Let us know what you decide!
  7. honestly it's a very ugly bag IMO
  8. I really think that it looks good on you. It's much more slouchy than I thought it would be. Green is a lovely but difficult colour to wear sometimes but I guess it depends on your wardrobe. I agree with Elvis about being swayed by general opinion. It can make you feel unsure about your choices. If you don't feel the love, you may never feel it. Not sure that's of any help at all! x
  9. What I was trying to say is if you did feel the love when you bought it and are only unsure now because of negative comments on here- dont let that sway you- as you can see from the non wishlist thread we are all really different so if you love it keep it and enjoy it!!
  10. It has a touch of the Poppy Tote about it. I think it's gorgeous! The colour is SO personal though, that I don't think anyone's opinion apart from your own, is worth much...
  11. Imho...the bag looks so big...like its swamping u...i think the smaller size would look better on u..xx
  12. I wasn't too sure about it at first but seeing it on you I have changed my mind I think it looks great but I would go for Black or Deer
  13. It's not one for me but I think it quite suits you, but if you not 100% sure (and I wouldn't pay too much attention to the negative opinions of others, it's you who has to carry it) I wouldn't keep it, exchange it for something you love. Are there any other styles that you have considered and can you go to a store and try a few on?
  14. I think it looks great, but maybe a tad big on you. How about the regular size?
    As the others said, colour is a very personal thing. I personally love the green colour but wouldn't necessarily buy one, as I'd have problems matching it to my wardrobe. Also, living in Ireland, I might get a lot of 'Paddy's Day' comments....
  15. thanks ladies for all your help & suggestions. :smile:

    I finally decided to keep the bag, although I would have to add more neutrals to my wardrobe to be able to carry it often. I guess I was just overwhelmed with the color at first but it grew on me and now I'm loving it. I need an oversized bag because I have 3 kids and small/regular sized bags just don't do it for me. It is a pretty bag even if the polls suggest that I get a different bag instead. Lol.

    Here are other pictures of me with the bag.

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