Taylor Momsen!!

  1. such a waste of a beautiful and super talented girl!
  2. i miss the days of Little J on season 1...such a better look for taylor momsen. she's so beautiful and she just looks like a fool with the raccoon eye make up and grungey.
  3. Leaving the set of Gossip Girl, NYC, August 31, 2010:
  4. Her look is definitely pushing it for her age, but otherwise, I don't think she necessarily would be better if she looked like every other polished, fashion obsessed girl. That kind of look isn't for everyone. I think she just needs to lengthen the skirts a tiny bit and she'd be fine.
  5. I feel a Lindsay Lohan 2.0 coming... too much too soon.
  6. I miss it too !!:sweatdrop::push:
  7. [​IMG]


  8. Goodness some of those outfits are just way too much..
  9. I don't care for the way she dresses it doesn't really bother me. It's her attitude I hate. She wants everyone to think she's so mature but judging from some of the stupid sh*t that comes out of her mouth, I disagree.
  10. damn i was hoping she wouldn't be appearing in season 4.
  11. On the Set of Gossip Girl, NYC, September 2, 2010:
    On set of Gossip Girl September 3 2010:
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  12. I would love to have her legs. That's all.
  13. I like her style I think she pulls it off because she is confident, young and thin. Sometimes she does go too far though...
    At least she is who she is and has her own personal look with the long blonde hair, leather jacket and eyeliner. She doesn't try to blend in with the crowd!
    Her band rocks, I bought their new album it's definitely worth listening to!
  14. She's so pretty but I HATE her make up and hair! Those extensions seriously gotta go IMO!!
  15. She is gorgeous, but I feel bad for any 16yo who says that dressing like a hooker makes them feel good. I'm sure a lot of it is for shock value, but IMO she's trying way too hard to be Courtney Love.