Taylor Marin Flap Satchel - Live pics?


Nov 4, 2008
Birmingham, Alabama
Hope it's ok to post this but I'm not sure what else to do.

I don't post often on TPF (I use to several years back). I go through my phases where I'm buying bags and then I'll calm down for a bit. Not sure what exactly has struck me lately but I've made a few purchases in the last 2 weeks. I was at TJ maxx yesterday and saw a Coach bag that I Loved. I put it back but it's been on my mind so I'm probably going to go back and get it. I didn't think, at the time, to look at the "style name" but after some research on Google this morning I was able to find it online. It's called the "Coach Taylor Marin Flap Satchel". I of course looked for pictures on Google (as I always do when researching a specific bag). I was able to find some pictures of the bag itself but would like to see some modeling pictures. I went to the "Coach" forum and did several searches but couldn't find anyone wearing this exact bag. I know some of you frequent TPF daily and are very familiar with specific forums/threads. Can anyone direct me to the thread or paste the URL, if there is one, showing any modeling pictures of this bag? I would really appreciate it!

I did try on the bag yesterday at TJ and looked in the Mirror but it was stuffed with paper and it's always nice to see pictures of a bag once it's been broken in etc..

Also, if anyone can let me know if I've got the name correct "Taylor Marin Flap". I didn't know if the bag has two names "Taylor Marin" or if there are different styles of this exact bag.



Hopelessly addicted
Mar 1, 2013
Mesa, AZ
The Taylor line is MFF (made for factory) which might be why you're not finding too much about it. The bulk of discussion here on TPF tends to be around the boutique bags.

I will say though that I have checked those bags out at the outlet and they feel really nice. I think the quality is great.