Taylor Hicks lawsuit!

  1. A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday against a producer, William Smith, who was selling songs on Apple's iTunes Music Store that Hicks recorded when he was singin' for his supper in Alabama bars. Hicks asks for about $75,000 in compensatory and punitive damages.

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  2. I dislike Taylor. I wish Chris would have won... mmm... Chris.
  3. is it really him OR his representatives?
    because it seems once you won or be contestants, you are bind by some rules...
  4. Taylor Hicks looks like Jay Leno.
  5. taylor is so funky, i really do like him. but chris had the most AMAZING voice and he was sooo HAWT.

    looks like taylor is going to make a lot of money really quickly after winning idol.. however, it wasnt for his music hehe.. it from a lawsuit? lol
  6. LOL! But he looks like George Clooney!
  7. Chris!!! Oh yeah.
  8. Taylor shouldn't have won.
  9. i dont like him
  10. He's kinda cute but his clownish style turns me off big time.
  11. he looks like george clooney.. maybe this is why he won
  12. I have a confession to make.....I'm taking my 12 year old to see the American Idol concert on tuesday:shame:

    We watched it together this past season and I thought it was something fun that we could do together- I'll let you know what I think about him live...