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  1. Anybody other than me wait until the absolute last minute to file??:shame:
  2. i didn't thanks to my mommy :lol: .. if not, i probably would've too..
  3. I usually meet my CPA in February. He tends to get really busy and ignores me if I wait till March or April.
  4. Not me, I have to pay and hate waiting until the last minute. Bills of any kind drive me nuts.
  5. I have had them ready for three weeks but I am not sending them in until today. I have to pay :sad:
  6. I usually procrastinate on everything...but since I'm getting a refund I actually managed to get the taxes in about a week early this year:smile:
  7. I was ready to file in January but being I am not a US citizen, there are lots of tricky stuff so I waited until March. I didn't realize I had to send in a return for local taxes until days before the deadline but I got everything in.
  8. I owe over $10,000 so I waited until the very last minute!
  9. $10K?!?! Yikes! You will probably have to start making or upping your estimated taxes.
  10. I got a $700 refund, which I needed for spending money on vacation, so I filed the first week of February.
  11. i got a lousy $40 refund. and i owed the state $15. how lame. i hate ahhnold. grr.
  12. I owe a lot, so I wait until the very last minute to file. If I can get an interest-free extension, I do that also. I HATE taxes. Every year, it just seems to be worse.
  13. I sent mine in just last week thanks to my dad's nagging! I can only imagine how crazy it was at the post office today.
  14. post office that's staying open until 9pm tonight on sunflower & susan by south coast.. had cones and plenty of costa mesa PD on bikes patrolling the area.. they set up 2 lanes with the cones around the post office, and a checkpoint in the lanes to drop off the stamped & ready envelopes. haha. i luckily went through it in the early parts when they were setting it up, so i was fast.
  15. I didn't, but the tax accountant did!!!
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