Taxes when shopping online? (China)


Sep 8, 2012
I just moved to china and want to order some stuff online. What additional taxes are there when ordering from Europe or the US? And how about ordering pre owned goods from yoogis closet?

I would google it, but google doesn't seem to work so I thought I'll post my question here.


May 3, 2014
To my knowledge, if its shipped via DHL, Fedex etc. and is from a shopping site, you will definitely be charged additional taxes, mostly 10%~20%, unless the declared value is very low, like less than $50. I guess second hand goods will be the same - as long as the site send them with carriers like DHL, senders will declare themselves as 'commercial' and you will be charged.
But if you shop from sites that ship via 'standard international postage' i think its called EMS in China (equivalent to Royal mail in the uk), then you mostly won't be charged (but there is still a chance), unless its electronic products. Hope it helps