Taxes & Duty Fees for Luisaviaroma

  1. I want to purchase a Chloe Paddington from LVR. I read a thread about hidden import taxes and fees. Don't want to be surprised with a huge $ amount. Tried calling Fed ex, but not very helpful. If anyone in the US, specifically East Coast, has purchased from LVR please help!!
  2. I have read it is about 15%. Fed Ex just called me to fax in an Importer ID Input Record because it was held up in Customs. They e-mailed me the form and I faxed it back. Just asks for you address, phone # & tax number or SS #. You can fax it back if they call you. I figure it is going to cost me about $120 for the side pocket bag. Which would put it at about the smae cost as buying at NAP's sales when they have one.
  3. same thing that happened to noshoepolish happened to me. I faxed in the form early this morning, and I have not heard anything since. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  4. I bought from LVR and on eBay and both items were shipped via Fedex. I got charged 15% tax on each of the items. Noshoepolish is correct about her info, I got asked those same questions too and had to fax that import information sheet back to Fedex.