taxes done -- help me spend

  1. Ok so I just did my taxes - (not really something to cheer about) BUT what I did was set aside X dollars last year for taxes.
    Well I OVERESTIMATED my tax payments and now i'm going to treat myself to a brand new leather bag!

    SOOO I'm looking for suggestions --:heart: :heart: :heart:

    I'm really partial to (aka totally in love with) all of the legacy bags, especially the legacy shoulder in Pond... and I love the ali - and the hippie and the thinner one too. I'm not really a big fan of the ergo.. I just can't get the legacy bags out of my head. They speak to me.

    I'm just so :yahoo: happy to have the extra cash to buy the bag
    Oh plus I'm going to Las Vegas next week to blow some more $$$ (or maybe visit the Coach outlets there...:idea: )
  2. Oh you lucky girl, I am sooooo envious! I love the Legacy shoulder in the Pond color, that would be my choice.:drool:
    Have a blast in Vegas too!
  3. go for the Pond shoulder bag.
  4. i would save the $$$ for your vegas trip, if you dont find anything you like then you can just order the legacy then.
  5. I thought of that BUT there's one problem -- if I use ALL the extra money for Vegas and LOSE it all, I will be sooooo mad at myself -- I will feel like I lost my chance at the bag.. Maybe I'll just set aside the $400 before I go so it's safe until I get back. If I see anything spectacular there I can always throw it on the credit card...
  6. I would spend the $$$ on a bag. That way you can have it for sometime to come. Other than just a few days in Vegas (I am not a gambler. I like to have my money right where I can see it. On my arm!)
    I have the black ali and the pond shoulder. I would get an Ali.
  7. Yes, set aside the money for the bag now so you won't spend it in Vegas. Since getting my pond shoulder, I'm wanting the other colors too! You'll love it. And congrats for getting money back from the feds!
  8. I think you should buy the pond shoulder bag and wear it on the plane to Vegas. If you lose your other money, you'll at least have a beautiful bag! I go for work sometimes to conventions, and I'd much rather spend the money on a new bag than a night playing blackjack (ok, maybe $40 but I'm cheap that way!).
  9. I really am leaning towards the shoulder bag in pond.. decisions decisions! :smile:
  10. Pond legacy, its such a great color!
  11. The Ergro collection isn't exactly growing on me, either. I also love the Legacy line and whatever Legacy bag you choose, you definitely can't go wrong! I think you should put your purse money aside until after the Vegas trip, then you can buy a bag to cheer yourself up!
  12. The Legacy shoulder bag in Pond. Decision made!
  13. but the legacy shoulder in white is sooo nice too.
    Maybe I'll come home from Vegas a winner and I can buy both!!! (a girl can dream...)
  14. Oooh, I have the legacy shoulder in white, which I LOVE! I just a picture of B4B in "Coach runway edition" thread with her pond shoulder and it looks awesome! you really can't go wrong with either one!
    Good luck in Vegas!!
  15. I'd buy the bag! :yes: It's a sure thing!

    Vegas, however, is not a sure thing... I love to play blackjack but damn I hate losing money. :cursing: We have a big new casino in my little town and I've already lost about $60 there over the past few months and it ticks me off. I tell myself it's "entertainment" but in all honesty, I don't see the fun in it... fun to win, yes, but that just never happens for me! :p