1. How much could I save buying a cles from eluxury rather than the boutique?

    I think I am going to get my first cles next weekend! The Mono!

    I would like to save money, but I just loving going to the boutiques! Plus we've been having some problems with our mail..[ie vandalism, breaking mail boxes, etc. I don't see why anyone would do this but ppl are stupid nowadays!] TIA everyone!:heart:
  2. You save the sales tax amount that would normally be charged on goods in your state. In MA it is 5%. States differ in the sales tax rate.
  3. usually they wouldn't just leave it (your package) unless someone recieves it..but i like going to the store and get it myself :smile: and to see other bags too!

    don't forget to post your new bag :smile:
  4. Thanks guys! I will post pics when I go next week! =]