1. How many percent is the tax per handbag?? How can I calculate the tax? Thanks!
  2. depends on where you buy it.
  3. Figure somewhere between 6 - 8.25%

    In San Diego sales tax is 7.75% but in Los Angeles I think it's 8.25% - I think NYC is just as high as Los Angeles. Other U.S. States have as low as 6%.

    The sales tax should be calculated for the county/state that you live in.
  4. If you live outside the US you'll have to pay custom tax to your country but I don't think you pay the US state tax.
  5. But Hong Kong doesn't make us pay custom tax. Only tax from USA I think.
  6. someone know the tax in texas?
    I think if you are not from the states you can get the taxes back if you purchase over 100 dlls in one store...
  7. The tax in San Antonio, TX is 8.125%
  8. Yes, it depends on the state. Also, if you're shipping the bag to a state that doesn't have Chanel, they won't charge you tax according to my SA.

  9. How???
  10. I just got it.... are you here visiting from some other country, not buying by mail/phone??
  11. I'm not so sure because my parents do all that stuff but you can ask the SA before you purchase something.
    I'm guessing its something similar to the VAT process...filling a form, have your ticket with you and all that
  12. Actually, I'm from Hong Kong and I wanted to buy Chanel Handbags from USA by phone and just wondering how much should I pay for the tax?