Tax season is here!

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  1. What do you plan on purchasing or saving up some of your refund for? I really want a denim shawl and agenda mm. :smile:
  2. I don't get no refund. Uncle Sam will be expecting a check from me.
  3. No tax refund for me either! I always end up paying:crybaby:
  4. No refund for me either. In fact, I gotta hold off on LV to save money to pay Uncle Sam.
  5. Haven't had a refund since I became married, so I'm not sure about this year :sad:
  6. No refund for me I will owe quite a bit :shucks::shucks:
  7. Refund??? yeah...not so much
  8. no big refund for me, but enjoy
  9. i dont get much of a refund either.. i wish i did tho bc i have several LV items on my wishlist
  10. Refund??? What's that? ;)
  11. Small refund for me so I'm planning on getting my first LV piece, a cles! Starting off small :smile: Just waiting for that refund check...
  12. Spent most of my refund on the Eva DE, in like new condition at a second hand consignment store for $400. I was thrilled!! I've wanted it for a long time but couldnt spend retail on it, cuz it's just so darn small for my needs. I do LOVE it and happy to have got it at such a low price!! :biggrin:
  13. LOL This is the new refund thread. No refund for me either, which means no bag for a while. Boo
  14. Getting an Epi Alma Pm in the quetsche color I think, although as soon as I walk in the store I may be tempted by other purses! So hard to decide on just one!
  15. What refund? I always owe to fed, state and city. Not a lot because I try to estimate it carefully, but a hundred here, a hundred there.