Tax Returns! haha

  1. Hey everyone! I am bored so just wanted to know if anyone got any unusually low or ridiculously high tax refunds!

    I thought of this because I found it funny I only got $.97 cents back last year! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    This year I am getting $

    anyone else? :P
  2. Thats better than paying!!!
  3. I usually get about $500 back during the last few yrs because I was a student who worked P/T.
  4. That's a really weird amount to get, but it is better than paying.
  5. This is my first year working and I started working after graduation in June, so I DID receive quite a hefty sum of tax return!! ($1000+):amuse: however, knowing it will never happen again makes me sad.

    my lowest one is about $50, which I paid $40 for tax preparation, so in reality, I only got $10. :lol:
  6. i got about $600 total (state and federal) because i'm a full time student working part time.
  7. This is the first year I was able to declare my taxes without my parents (WooHoo to being almost 24) and I got the most money I have ever received. A whole whopping 1200 bucks (state and Fed)! I'm in school fulltime and work parttime.

    And what did a girl like me do with it? Spent it on a brand new pink denim LV Baggy.
  8. congrat! This is my first year filing tax on my own as well! I am still deciding which bag to get!! what a sweet dilemma.:love:
  9. I'm a full-time student too, but for some reason I always end up having to pay taxes rather than receive a refund. Maybe I need to stop preparing my own taxes.
  10. try using turbotax online or something. it's free. do you have any income? you shouldn't have to pay taxes if you don't work (and if you work and make less than a certain amount you don't even have to file a return if you don't want to, i think)
  11. :lol::lol::lol: Ya, send yours to a CPA or a tax lawyer. That's what I do.
  12. I mean really? Isn't isn't it?

    This has got to be my favorite time of year.
  13. well.last year we owed like over 20,000 more than we orig thought we would..I cried writing that check..I had visions of LV's dancing right out the door!LOL! Still dont know this year....cross your fingers!
  14. $.97 :lol::lol:
    This year I got $1300 for state and about $4000 for fed! =D

  15. niiiiiiiiice!

    I can't wait til i'm out of school (in 3 years lol) and can actually get a full-time job....I wanna be able to buy a new bag during tax-return season!!! :nuts: