Tax Return=New Coach Bag!

  1. So I'm new here. I've always loved designer bags, and I own a ton, but I've never had a Coach bag. I got a huge tax return this year and we just got a new Coach boutique here in Northwest Arkansas, so the first thing I did? Bought the new Signature Stripe Demi in black. I didn't realize it was an "It" bag, but there's only ONE on E-Bay and the store only had two left! I also got all the accessories and it was much cheaper than I originally thought it'd be! Check out my purchases. I know I'm being shallow and obsessed but I am SO THRILLED!

    The display handbag had the super-long skinny scarf tied in a bow on it, as well as the two keychains and the skinny coin/card holder, so I just had to get it all-- the bag didn't seem complete without!:p :yahoo: :heart: :heart:

    I am in heaven....
    purse.jpg coinpurse.jpg scarf.jpg heart.jpg scharm.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Our tax return is already spent!!! LOL We need a cab for our truck.

    I think I'd rather have a new purse. Although the dogs do need the cab. Hmm...tough choice.

    I think you made a great choice for your first Coach. :smile:
  3. Very nice! You did well! What color scarf did you get?
  4. Purple. It's so cute!
  5. Congratulations! What a fun way to spend a tax refund. Enjoy!
  6. Welcome and congrats on your new goodies!
  7. Thank you!!!!

    My mom says-- so does my fiancee-- that I went totally overboard, but the total tab was less than $300. I think it's totally worth it!
  8. i have the purple scarf too and i love it!!!! congrats on your new purchases

  9. Thanks!!!! So far I've been using it as a bow on the bag and I know I can use it in my hair and as a belt-- any other suggestions? Since it's so long and skinny I figure it's versatile!
  10. Beautiful Choices!!!
  11. I am in heaven... *sigh-- bliss!* Here they are on my couch at home!


    coach1.jpg coach2.jpg
  12. soooooooooooo cute together my goodness!!!
  13. Thank you!!!! One of the girls said she didn't think the scarf went with the bag but I think with the purple heart keychain it works? What do you think?

    My tax return went to my Mandy!
  15. THAT is a gorgeous bag! Which scarf is that? I want it!