Tax return fun at the Coach outlet!!

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  1. Anyone wanna see my presents to myself; I bought with my tax return, anyone wanna see?
  2. Crap the pics are too big, hold on ladies...Side note, I didnt spend the whole return or anything just got a few goodies!
  3. bring it on!!!
  4. I wanna see!
  5. I'm here!
  6. yayyyyy!!!!! fun
  7. cool can't wait :O)
  8. oooo, let's see the goods!
  9. Still resizing, here is the start..........
    1.jpg 0202101849391.jpg th_0202101850281.jpg 2.jpg
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    Passport cover heritage stripe, poppy wristlet, black soho wallet to match the purse I got last month...additional 10% already 20% off..and poppy bag, love the red!
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    th_88888.jpg Oh and I finally have something to use my zodiac keyfob on! so excited!
    th_ps.jpg 99999.jpg
  12. very cute!!!!!!!!
  13. Nice
  14. Cute goodies, congrats!
  15. Very nice score, congrats!