Tax Reimbursement for Hermes from France?

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  1. Hi all,

    Sorry if this question is stupid for some of you. I'm new to the H scene. I read somewhere that the reimbursement for tax is 10% only for Hermes. I know that the tax in France is 19.63%. This should be fully reimbursed. But if it is the case that 10% is the only question is WHY?!? :crybaby:
  2. Because they are allowed to determine their own fees. It sucks, doesn't it? I was surprised the first time I encountered it, too. It's not just Hermes, some other stores do it, as well.
  3. Grands Fonds,

    Thanks for the answer. THIS SUCKS BIG TIME! :tdown: I was ready to shop til I drop in Paris this Spring, but given this... <sigh>. Oh well, might as well be shocked here, rather than in FSH. Thanks again.

    I'm supposing LV, Chanel, Dior, don't reimburse fully...
  4. ^ I think they all take a chunk oout, too. I think (from memory) Harrods does the same in London?

    Hey, one consolation is, it's still a fair amount cheaper to het things direct from Paris than anywhere else, so you'll still be saving money!!!!
  5. GF,

    You do make a point. Made some calculations (sorry if too geeky). If I buy a Birkin 35 (if lucky:lol:), if the entire tax was deducted (19.63%), the discount if you got it in Paris (compared to current US prices) is about 28.6%. But with 10% tax removed, the discount is 22.3%. It's a reduction, but still, all in all, not bad! :okay:

    Thanks again!
  6. AND they have more stock!!
  7. Hahaha, you're absolutely right! Thanks for showing me the light and getting me over that shock! Can't wait to go to Paris. :tender:
  8. BON VOYAGE!!!!!!!!!

    Pics when you get home, please!!!
  9. Pics of the H Mothership, the loot and everything Hermes. :smile:
  10. You'll love it. The FSH store is DIVINE! I was sipping champagne while waiting for them to wrap my purchases. I think I saved $200 on the tri-fold bearn alone. Have fun!!
  11. RGM, the refund is not the full amount of tax because they use "Tax Free Shopping (Global Refund)" as their VAT refund company. Global Refund takes some percentage of the refund as their fee. Make sure that you get your form stamped by custom before you leave Paris. I always had a miserable time at that airport, they can be horrible. Long lines, and the past 2 times I did this, they took my original Hermes receipt (which apparently is not required) and refused to give my refund in Euro (giving the refund in USD makes them gain in the exchange rate).
  12. ^ birbruxelles, if the tax is already deducted upfront (in Hermes), then why do you need to get the form stamped by the custom in the airport?
  13. Queenie is right - Hermes do it all in-store...or they did when I was there last time.
  14. My experience earlier in the year was that H do not take the tax out. You get the forms filled out @ H (so don't be stupid like me & forget to take your passport shopping!) and then the goods + de-tax forms need to be presented at the airport. I assume here that you'll leave the EU via CDG airport. If you have packed your purchases in your suitcase, make sure you do the de-tax before checking in your luggage. They will refuse to stamp your forms unless you present the goods! The de-tax counter will stamp them & take one copy. You post one copy to H using the post boxes located in the airport. In 3-6 mths the 10% will be credited back to your cc. :smile:
  15. ^there you go!

    See...I was ther a hundred years ago....and it was only around 17% then, too!! LOL!!