tax refund time!

  1. I got my tax refund and have decided to use some of it towards a new bag. My parents are getting me the one I want for work for my birthday, so I get to add something else to my collection!

    Which one would you choose: a damier papillon or a popincourt haut?

    For reference, I already have an epi speedy and a mono petite bucket bag.
  2. Popincourt Haut !! (only the best bag ever !)
  3. Popincourt Haut vote right here.
  4. Damier papillon. It's so cute.
  5. pop haut
  6. Both are cute, but I'll vote for the popincourt haut.
  7. Ohh I love that damier papillon!
  8. Thanks for the input, everyone.

    I was thinking of a pap 30 rather than a 26, only because of the longer handles. It was the first LV bag I'd ever wanted, too, but the pop haut looks very functional and I want an over the shoulder handbag with a zipper.

    My check is coming soon but once it arrives (end of this month) I'll probably get one and then the other later this year.

    I'll post pics when I get it.
  9. Haut.
  10. damier papillon 30
  11. I vote for Ms Poppy:biggrin:
  12. poppy baby!
  13. Isn't the pop really really close to a bucket bag, though? That's the only reason why I'm hesitating!
  14. PH over the papillion.
  15. Bah humbug I have to pay yet again :=)

    I would go w/popincourt for sure.