Tax refund in UK

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  1. If I'm a traveller and buy a Mulberry bag in UK, will I get the tax refund upon my departure? And how many percent would that be? Thanks.

    Thinking about buying Bayswater in Oak. :drool:
  2. I just bought my Bayswater last week at Liberty. The price of the purse was 495 pounds and the tax refund was 50 pounds.
    The retailer should give you a form that needs to be filled out and upon departure, you need to find the Duty Office to process your refund.
    Hope this helps.
  3. I just bought my Ledbury from the Mulberry shop in Heathrow Terminal 4 for 251 pounds, which is 44 pounds off the normal retail price. I didn't check to see how much the other bags cost though. Mulberry has shops in T1 and T4 so if you're flying from one of these terminals perhaps it'll be easier to just buy from the airport. Give them a call first to see what bags they have in stock first, they will hold them for you if you want.