Tax refund in Hong Kong better than purchase in UK?

  1. Hey my fellow LV experts!

    i stay in scotland (UK) and im thinking of buying items from LV for the second time! (yay) but i dno if its cheaper in UK or Hong Kong with tax refund? I went to florida LAST(happy new year!!) august 07 and i found the LV there quite expensive (at that time i havent thought of tax refund). In UK and France i think have the cheapest LVs? Im going to HK THIS june/july and im thinking would it be cheaper there with tax refund? i know its defo going to be more expeisive without tax refund.

    cheerz guys!:heart:
  2. As far as I know their aren't any vat or sales taxes in Hong Kong on goods. Their are quit some people from Hong Kong here on TPF so they can tell you some more on the price of LV in Hong Kong. Do you already know what you are going to buy?
  3. In asia, HK is a little more cheaper....:tup:
  4. i'd suggest to email LV (go to and click on contact) to get the price (hkd) of the item u are interested in, ask them is there any tax refund also and then u can confirm where to get your LV :smile:.
  5. as far as i know there's no tax refund in HK, but it's cheaper, if not the cheapest in asia
  6. I visited HK summer 2006. They don't have any sales taxes which means you won't get tax refund. Also, if I'm not mistaking UK was the highest LV prices in the world! You should definitely buy your LV in HK, it's much cheaper than in UK.
  7. hey guys thanks for your posts!
    btw when i went to florida the olav pm and pochette melville was £10-£20($20-$40) more expensive than UK and France? Im quite sure because my dad told me to come back and get it here(UK)?
  8. i think the most expensie place to get LV is in japan. HK has no sales tax but you will find that the the prices are slightly higher. taking into exchange rate i do not think you will save much.

    i prefer getting LV in uk cos i prefer the SA compared to HK SA. i find them snobbish.
  9. +1

    Can't exactly blame them though when there's people lining outside their stores on a daily basis, their ego must be somehow inflated by this scenario. They pay attention to you based on your what language you speak (1st - Mandarin, 2nd - English, 3rd - local lingo)..:cursing: