Tax rates?

  1. I might be going to the US at the end of summer for a couple of weeks and was just wondering what's the sales tax rate in the states (I'm in Toronto which is 15%)? Do the tax rates differ in different states?

    For those who live in countries other than Canada and the US, please feel free to let us know the rates where you live! :yes:
  2. They differ by state. And, in some cases, by city.
  3. Yes they do vary and can make a real difference when you are making a large purchase! Las vegas is 7.75% if I'm not mistaken. 15% ? - oh mygod!
  4. Massachusetts: 5%, clothing and shoes 0% under $175.
    Chicago: 9.25% on sales, but resturant sales tax is 10% in the city.
  5. yea it varies by city and state, and depending on what you're buying. hawaii is 4%.. i think oregon is 0% on non-luxury items..

    california state tax is 8%, but it varies from county to county.. LA & SF is 8.25 i think, and OC & SD is 7.75.
  6. Yes it's 6.5 in Orange County Fl and 7 in Seminole County. Also at Macys they give tourist a 11 percent discount. I think they do this at all of their stores across the US. I never knew until I was asked if I was a tourist.
  7. Actually, I believe the Chicago city sales tax rate is 9%, up frm 8.75% last year.

    Tax it when you earn it. tax it when you spend it. Not very fair. :sad:
  8. In PA it's **0** on clothing:smile: Pretty low on other stuff too.
  9. Indiana is 6% and I think Michigan is close to the same. Minnesota is 0%.
  10. tx is one of the states w/ a higher tax rate- 8.25 i think
  11. I think is 0% in Boston also...but in Fort Lauderdale it's 6%, Boca Raton it's 6.5%, and Miami 7%...such a pain!!
  12. The tax rate varies from state to state - and sometimes city to city.

    In Maryland, the tax rate was 5%. In Virginia, it's 4.5% :smile:
  13. 6% in New Jersey,no tax on clothing
  14. There's quite a bit of difference in rates in the different states

    Really?! I didn't know, but thanks for the info...discounts are always nice!
  15. it's actually 8.5% if SF