tax question

  1. hey
    i had a quick question abt taxes. Im abt to purchase a pair of earrings from a website and they keep quoting me ca tax and i keep telling them that since im shipping to WA and they are not based there they cant charge me tax. They are insisting the funny thing is when u go to their site and u try purchasing something from there, they dont charge tax when i put in my zip code. i have no idea what to say cuz i dont wanna sound annoying or rude but the lady is not listening.
  2. bump im hoping someone can help me
  3. I believe a retailer can charge tax when the item is shipped to any location where they have operations (retail stores, distribution centers, warehouses, etc). So even if the company is based in CA and you are receiving the item in WA, if they have stores or other business activity in WA they can still charge you WA tax. (If I'm mistaken, I hope someone else can clarify?)