Tax Free Week (DC, MD, VA)

  1. The following is a list of dates and locations when the no tax weekend will occur.

    Maryland: 8/23 through 8/27 - All clothing and shoes under $100.

    Virginia: 8/4 through 8/6 - All clothing and shoes under $100, school
    supplies under $20, and a business can pay the tax and advertise something as tax free.

    Washington, DC: 8/4 through 8/6 - All clothing, school supplies sports gear, computers, and computer supplies.

    Happy Shopping!!! :smile:
  2. Wow! That is so interesting. How does that work I wonder? Does the store pay the tax? Interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Too bad I don't need school supplies anymore. Maybe I can buy some clothes and separate them into stacks of 100 dollars each so I dont pay tax.
  4. They have this in Texas also, but it does not apply to school supplies or computers. The tax free weekend in Texas is always the first weekend in August. The stores do not pay the tax, no one does. This was designed to help the consumer get ready for back to school.
  5. The stores take the hit on the tax. A lot of the time, it's not a lot though, so, stores don't loose too much. :smile:
  6. in FL it started today! :yahoo: it ends 7/30 and allows:
    • Clothing and related items with a sales price of $50 or less
    • Books with a sales price of $50 or less
    • School supplies with a sales price of $10 or less
  7. Thanks I was wondering when they were doing the tax free weekend in VA..about time they started seems everyother state has it.'s like the weekend after I get back from vacation so I'll be broke!
  8. yay, ready to shop... i wish they set the limit to 1000, :P
  9. I wonder if we have this here in philly
  10. Oooooh! Thanks for the tip!