TAX FREE SHOPPING, what beauty products would you get?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm going to stockholm VERY soon and need some idea's of what to get in tax free,
    So ladies what would you get or what do you always buy in tax free??

    I gonna look for a bottle of CHANEL BLUE SATIN (I neeeeeed that polish so bad!!)
    But what else...
  2. -a perfume
    -Elizabeth Arden´s 8 hour cream + lipstick
    -a skincare product
    -whatever you need...mascara ? eye shadow ?
  3. I usually stock up on Dior products when I get the chance to shop at at Duty Free Store. My favorites are the limited edition makeup palettes and fragrances.
  4. Everything! I wish.
    I usually get facial moisturizer.
  5. Anything! They usually have a huge selection and with my layovers and what not, I end up spending waaay too much time and money in there. One thing I've noticed though, don't assume it's cheaper just because it's tax-free. At one shop the Dior/Chanel mascaras were even more expensive than buying them in the states! I think the stores know women often stock up on the essentials and can get away with charging that price.
  6. ^^^ o really!! I didn't know that!!!

    I really hope they have CHANEL BLUE SATIN, as i NEEEEEED it so bad... ever seens seeing of on I've been wanting it!!

    I was also thing of perfume... but i got a new bottle for xmas...

    any tips/ideas are welcome...
    I'm 22, I don't really need luxe skin cream as I'm young, nivea does a great (cheap) job of taking care of my skin...
    I really want make up ideas!!!

    so if anyone has any to die for make up, please post!!!
    thank you!!!!!!!!
  7. I usually buy perfume, and then stock up on Shiseido products in their Asia line. Those products you cannot get in the U.S., or have to pay extra at Asian stores.